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Photo of Salome' Garau-TaylorSalome’ Garau-Taylor is an engaging group travel coordinator, adventurer, food lover, gardener and is passionate about wine.  Dividing her time between her home in Hailey, Idaho and their family vineyard and winery in California, Retzlaff Vineyards, Salome’ coordinates trips to fabulous locations around the world where she can pair her life’s passions with her travel groups. Raised in Laguna Beach, California. Salome’ is a graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she studied Horticulture, Viticulture and Language. Early in her travel career she went abroad as an exchange student, life long relationships around the world were made and kept, these connections are an invaluable asset to all that travel with her, and are a foundation within her traveling network. Also, she is an avid outdoors woman, when not hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains you may find her kayaking in The Sea of Cortez, tasting fine wines in rarely visited cellars or most likely researching her next trip. Fine food is an obsession; she truly enjoys seeking out great dining experiences. Grandfather, Aurelio Garau is her culinary inspiration as he opened the famous Delmonico Restaurant in 1914. Salome’ adores people and has found the perfect outlet for enjoying old and new friends through experiencing travel together.

Salome’ takes great care in planning her trips using the best providers, researching the sites to visit, finding “that special place to dine”, and enjoying a lovely bottle of wine and the view!  She knows that having time to wander the narrow streets of an ancient city or lying on the beach in paradise is important, so know that you will have time to enjoy on your own as well as with the group. Outdoor adventures for all abilities are part of most trips as well as unique excursions. She will strive to bring intimate experiences to each of her trips, as her friendly manner in foreign destinations opens many unseen doors to her guests.  You are most welcomed to come along!


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Retzlaff Vineyards Photo   Aurelio Garau, Salome's Grandfather Photo